Facilities on M.V. Sea Rex

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Facilities on M.V. Sea Rex

M.V. Sea Rex

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Is a former Norwegian fast ferry with the capacity of 98 passengers. It was built in 1987 by Brdr. Aa in Hyen.After thorough mechanical renovation,

TP Offshore bought the ship in March 2008.After the inspection and approval of the Danish Maritime Authority and approved for 12 passengers plus crew.,.At the same time, the ship was named: M.S. Sea Rex.In May-June 2009 the ship was completely modernized and rebuilt into a crew boat.

Six new cabins and a new galley were added. Comfort-wise, the standard of the ship was also raised considerably with the furnishing of the living room with modern leather furniture. DVDs and flat screen televisions in the living room and all six cabins also add to the comfort.The well-assorted film library guarantees to keep you entertained, even if the regular television programmes or the Internet are not to your liking.

The sailing ability of the ship is really good with a respectable speed that ensures minimum time between port and work area. The low-noise level allows technicians to complete their reporting during the voyage. Time is money – and this goes for all projects. Therefore, we offer wireless Internet on board the ship, which means that the clients can send reports, pictures and drawings from their own computers at any time.

Just like the Sea Comfort and the Cathrin, the  Sea Rex behaves well in hard weather. Therefore, it offers a solid work place that most reliably supplies the requested services.

We are looking forward to hearing what type of job you want us to perform. Phone or write, and we will send you an offer. We operate in all weather conditions.