Facilities on M.S. Cathrin

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Facilities on M.S. Cathrin


M.S. Cathrin
M.S. Cathrin Gallery
Download Cathrin specificaitons (PDF)

Former Norwegian fast ferry approved for 82 passengers, when it operated in Norway. It has been rebuilt to comply with Danish demands and was inspected by the Danish Maritime Authority and approved for 12 passengers plus crew.

The ship is 19.3 metres long and 5.5 metres wide. The two V12 engines with a total yield of 1,900 HP ensure a respectable top speed of 27 knots. The surplus of power ensures a comfortable low-noise level at regular cruising speed.
The shipping company TP Offshore wishes to offer exclusively high comfort ships. Therefore, the inside finish is brand new to match the other ships.

Leather furniture in the living room with large flat screen television and DVD. Wireless Internet is available in all areas, which means that clients can use the voyage time to send reports and receive new plans.

Modern, fully equipped gallery. Of course, all three cabins are also equipped with flat screen televisions and DVDs. Just like the Sea Comfort and the  Sea Rex,  Cathrin behaves well in hard weather. Therefore, it offers a solid work place that most reliably supplies the requested services. We are looking forward to hearing what type of job you want us to perform. Phone or write, and we will send you an offer. We operate in all weather conditions.