Facilities on M.S. Sea Master

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Facilities on M.S. Sea Master

M.S. Sea Master
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Ship’s History

Former Norwegian Coastguard vessel, built in 1988. Designed for troop transport and coastguard service.

Current use

The military interior has been significantly modernised so that the ship is now fully equipped for her new role. The size of the Sea Master, is such, that she makes an ideal work platform for expedition and surveying tasks.

On board there is ample space for customer needs such as, as a mobile laboratory, an office, a data interpretation centre, a meeting place or use as a Multibeam Scanning vessel.

The Sea Master ’s operational range is large as the vessel can carry  fuel and water for a considerable period at sea. This allows a more flexible and efficient time scale for studies of the sea bed and the environment enabling the scientific staff to work within tight schedules, possibly, due to meteorological conditions which might otherwise curtail operations.

Accommodation is in six comfortable double cabins, wireless internet is available throughout the vessel and off duty entertainment is provided by a modern DVD library and a flat screen TV.

The Sea Master is fully manned with a modern galley providing hot freshly cooked food. Special dietary needs may be provided for upon request.

Sea Master  and her crew are geared for many diverse tasks. We can provide services as a crew boat, an environmental monitoring platform, wind turbine services, diving support vessel and as a VIP vessel. We can also provide services on seabed surveys with manned intervention and ROV. Sea Master  specialises in long range projects and we can work at lengthy distances from a port infrastructure.

We can also participate in underwater searches and hydrographical expeditions using side scan sonar. Due to her favourable size and the available accommodation, Sea Master 1 is a comfortable ship for a lengthy stay.Her excellent facilities and high standard of comfort ensure that those on board are well fed and comfortable and have theadvantage of being close to the workplace, thereby negating costs in shore accommodation and saving time and money in transportation. This, especially when tasked with a sea borne survey with constantly shifting inspection sites.

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